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“Our worth is inherent, we needn't strive or hustle for it. When we radically accept and embrace all of who we are, we ignite a catalyst for massive transformation. And we all want that.

Because everyone deserves a life they love.”


David D - Author, Life Coach, Speaker, Light Warrior


My Approach

I know what it's like to have had your heart broken and your trust shattered. To have life beat you down until you feel worthless. Looking to others to validate you and define your value. Disappearing into the shadows of your life, because invisibility can feel safe. 

But I'm here to tell you, that for as long as your worth is being defined by others, or are looking to them for validation, you will never feel happy and whole. My purpose is to guide you on your journey, a journey towards reclaiming your self-worth and power, and standing fiercely in the presence of your truth.

The three tools of the warrior are love, hope, and faith. But without the proper foundation it can be difficult to reach for any of these when life has beaten us down. 

We go through different stages in our lives, and in each of these stages we need different things to ensure we are fulfilled. Overtime we'll revisit the lessons we've learned and reassess what we need to to ensure practices and rituals you're using are adequately correlating to your life's needs and purpose.

The 2 pillars to a life you love


Spiritual Essence

Spiritual practice is as diverse as there are people on this planet. For some spirituality may mean a yoga class. For others is may be counting mantras and malas. Or perhaps its simple a walk in nature, or feeling the sand through your toes. 

We'll explore what works for you. What allows you to connect to your inner self, your intuition, and your truth. Our spiritual practice also keeps us open and available for connection. We're hard wired for connection. For love, and belonging. A lifestyle that keeps us isolated from others is just as detrimental to our health as a diet without greens.

Our spiritual practice is an unique as our fingerprint, it allows us to remain anchored in the truth of our being.


Personal Development

We are in a constant state of growth and evolution, and as we grow and expand we'll explore what is and isn't working. We'll identify what you need more of, and perhaps what you need to start letting go of.

We'll adopt new practices and behaviors that support and nurture your emotional and mental well-being, as well re-enforce some old behaviors and practices.

There is so much that our education systems don't teach us. And without exploring our personal needs; the desire to be a creative expression of who we are as individuals, we'll continue to pass down the pathologies handed to us by our families and society.

Here's How I Can Help...

Free Videos & Words of Wisdom

Personal development isn't always easy. Sometimes we need a reminder of what's important or where we should be putting our focus. That's where these free videos & posts come in. Twice a month I post new videos and blogs tailored directly towards answering your questions, concerns, and helping you bust through the obstacles that are keeping you from living a life you truly love.

My Book

In 2019 I published my first book, Awakening The Light Warrior Within. The story of my marriage, my journey through the insidious terrain of infidelity, and ultimately divorce. I shared the most vulnerable and painful moments of my darkest hours, as well as mapped out my journey towards healing myself and reclaiming both my life and my light.

Little did I know how many people would be touched and helped by my story. There is a light within all of us. No matter how much we may try to suppress it or diminish, that light never goes out. Because it is within us but not of us. It is this divine spark that links not only to each other, but to something bigger, something greater. Join our tribe and let this book guide you on your journey to awakening the light warrior within you. Now is the time to take back your power and reclaim your worth!

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Use my meditation album to help ignite your spiritual practice. All of the meditations are under 15 minutes and can be downloaded to your mobile devices so you can take them anywhere. 

Use them to tune into yourself, anytime, anywhere. More info here.

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Free Meditation Track

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I'm David, I'm a life coach, speaker, writer, #lightwarrior. Certified by institutions and schooled by life. Come on in, grab a seat, and let's get acquainted.