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“Our journey into the light requires that we first navigate our way through the darkness. We must remove the blindfold we have placed over our eyes, and in some cases, see for the very first time.  Taking back our power requires that we first acknowledge and accept that we gave it away. Reclaiming our worth requires the deep knowing that our worth is inherent, and that you never walked a single step without it.

Awakening to what was within us all along.

Awakening the Light Warrior Within.”

David James Di Pardo - Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Light Warrior


Join us this spring as we relaunch Awakening The Light Warrior Within, release two new formats making the book even more accessible. 

During this passage of prolongated darkness, the tools in Awakening the Light Warrior Within are more relevant than ever. As we have become estranged from the world and the ones around us, our neuroses and inner shadows are grappling to seize control of our mental health. Now is the time to rediscover the spark that lays buried deep within us, and ignite it into a blazing fire, reclaiming our self-worth and our joy.

Are you ready to embrace the light?

The eBook and Audiobook will be available for purchase as of March 20th, 2021.


When you order the book you'll get the Light Warrior Meditation and Prayer guided meditation MP3 for FREE!

This is my favorite meditation and my daily practice. Through it, we embody light, and become beacons of love and light. Sending our love, prayers, and blessing out to our loved ones and the world around us.

Are you ready to Awaken the Light Warrior Within?

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Beautifully written, Awakening the Light Warrior Within is a raw, authentic, true-life story!!

This book is about one man’s journey back to himself after all of his dreams were shattered. A real warrior’s story!

I can’t imagine how challenging it must have been for David to open up his heart and soul to the world and be courageous enough to put it all in a book. With an unapologetic-realistic delivery, packed with emotion, pain, and sorrow. David amazingly offers not only his heart but, in each chapter, he adds solutions and tools that you can apply for healing situations in your own life.
I absolutely love this book! I recommended it to anyone trying to find themselves again after a big loss or simply trying to heal a wounded heart.

Lara H.

An inspiring and well written book based off real experiences. Having been through similar darkness it helped me to strive to be a better me and to overcome that darkness one step at a time. Filled with beautiful quotes it truly brought me into a new way of believing in myself.

Steven H.

A story about devastation, struggle and the courage and the strength to reclaim your self worth. I couldn't put it down. It's a must read.

Antoinette D.

Candid, Emotional, Empowering! 

Kathryn Willms


David is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. Awakening the Light Warrior from Within is as real and as beautiful as he is. Very thought-provoking. 

Tana Corbeil

Health Coach & Reiki Practitioner

This beautifully written book shares a journey from within to gaining a better understanding of not only our place within our relationships but our place within ourselves. The human condition makes life so that we ourselves are precarious beings. We have and always will face unpredictable events that can both bring us joy and shatter the ground we walk on. When faced with these situations, it is our cognitive thought patterns that turn the focus inwards and push us down the rabbit hole that is trying to understand WHY while simultaneously placing blame on ourselves. What if the universe isn’t testing us, rather providing us with opportunities to understand which areas of ourselves still need healing before we can move forward? This book is an eye-opening guide to healing from within through introspection and practiced compassion not only towards others but also towards ourselves. Captivating and definitely worth the read.

Connie C.

We all hit rock bottom sometimes in our lives, and we feel it’s the end. We don’t see the light outside, or worst, inside of us. This book helped me to believe in myself, recover my strength and learn to forgive others and myself. Great narrative, great author. I totally recommend it!

Mary Z.

I think this book is very smartly written. Its very sensitive. Its explores your own feelings and experiences. Each paragraph tells his story as a couple going thru hardship and knowing its time to let go, even though you have a hard time doing so. You live together comfortably numb. Deep inside you know your life long commitment is finished. You try hard. You're heart broken leaving that comfort, even though you know its no longer working. He has been thru so much heartache, but still in his witting he gives you hope that it doesn't mean its over. 

Lyne B.

Genuinely lovely to read! The messages in it are really beautiful, and I hope it helps a lot of people. 

Michelle Parker

Hugo Award-Nominated Editor

This is a book that will touch everyone in one way or another. I read it in one afternoon, I could not put it down because it touched me in many ways and in many places of my heart that I kept buried. It showed me that we are not alone in the experiences that we have in our lives and that it is important to communicate with each other even if it is a subject that is tender to discuss.
For me my moment of clarity was to read and then understand that so many people cannot deal with their inner emotions because they either do not know how to or their "filter" has not matured. This was my so called epiphany, and with that I am capable of "fixing" my emotional responses and re-actions. We don't realize that everyone carries their own burdens, and this book is a reminder that we all have our crosses to bear but we can get through it if we allow ourselves to appreciate the light that we all have within us. Thank you David 

Domenic D.

An inspirational story about deception and heartbreak, and the courage to take back your life.
Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your story with us. 

Jean D.B.

I couldn't put the book down once I started. Smart, beautifully written, vulnerable, soul baring story of struggle and loss of self. About acknowledging your pain, the process of healing and forgiveness. A book to go back to time and time again for guidance and reassurance that in your darkest moments you are not alone. Pause for self reflection and peel back your own layers with Awakening The Light Warrior Within. 

Elizabeth Mattatall



This book is a journey through marriage, infidelity, divorce, and starting over. Facing the darkness and choosing to step into the light. Discovering the purpose of forgiveness, how to practice compassion, the necessity of radical acceptance, and the distinction between self-care and self-love. Healing old wounds and releasing the past. 

You may wonder, "Who are the Light Warriors?"

When I embarked on my journey towards personal and spiritual growth I came across the term Lightworker. Lightworkers are those who devote their time and energy to being a beacon of light in the world. Looking to make it a better place.  But to me, we need to be more than just devoted to light and to ourselves. Devotion isn’t enough, we live in a world where action is required to effect real change and spread more light. 

Hence the term Light Warrior was born. Light, here, is synonymous with love, trust, faith, connection, compassion, etc. A Course In Miracles defines light as the divine essence within us but not of us. It is what contributes to our shared humanity and connects us to our brothers and sisters. I love both definitions because I consider them to be one and the same. 

When we allow our light to shine, when we embrace all of who we are, we allow others to recognize the light that is within them. The light that guides them on their path. With social and political systems crumbling, we constantly face injustices and separations based on race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. 

Every day we must fight for truth, for equality, for love, for animal welfare, for our planet, for the well-being of our brothers and sisters. We can be the voices for those who have none. The voices of those who are afraid to speak and who have been beaten down by life. 

And so, we are more than lightworkers; we seek light, embody it, spread it, and fight for it. We are warriors. We are Light Warriors. Our journey into the light requires that we first navigate our way through the darkness. We must remove the blindfold we have placed over our eyes, and in some cases, see for the very first time.  Taking back our power requires that we first acknowledge and accept that we gave it away. Reclaiming our worth requires the deep knowing that our worth is inherent, and that you never walked a single step without it. 

Awakening to what was within us all along. Awakening the Light Warrior Within.


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David James Di Pardo is a life coach, writer, and speaker with a foundation built upon holistic health, spiritual practice, lessons from A Course In Miracles, and nutrition. His work has helped individuals release their past and reclaim their inherent worth to step into the luminous possibilities for their future. His work can be found on Best Self Media, or at www.davidd.ca.


I'm David, I'm a life coach, speaker, writer, #lightwarrior. Certified by institutions and schooled by life. Come on in, grab a seat, and let's get acquainted.