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“We are all connected. When we don't believe or buy into our own worth, we pollute our shared consciousness, we feed fear, and bread separation. Our worth is inherent, and its time to reclaim it. ”


David D / Writer, Speaker, Life Coach, Light Warrior 

What do you envision for your life?

Are you looking for something different? A different way of being? Most of the men and women I work with feel like they are living a life they don't fit or belong in. They want to feel seen, heard, valued, wanted.  Their trust is betrayed, or their hearts broken, and they fall into a victim narrative.  Buying into the idea that they simply aren't worthy. Unworthy of love, belonging, happiness, and joy.

How do you feel?

Are you struggling with letting go of the past, and offering up old wounds to be healed? Perhaps you're struggling with how to fully accept and love yourself.

These feelings of unworthiness, cause us to give away our power, and remain stuck in old patterns and demeaning narratives.

I understand.

I spent decades struggling with self-worth which set me up for a series of toxic relationships. It was a life I felt I deserved.

It took years before I was able to see myself clearly, and reclaim my self-worth. But it didn't need to be that way. And it doesn't need to be that way for you.

I'm here to help.

What if nothing were to change? What if a year from now your life looked exactly the same? 

Your worth is inherent. A life filled with joy is your birthright. 

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Together we'll bring in some light.

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Light Worker Package

This 3 month package is designed to help you hit the ground running. We'll look at the areas where you're feeling stuck. The things and situations that are weighing you down. We'll start the process of releasing the past and healing old wounds, to make room for more light.

3 Months

6 Light Sessions

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Light Warrior Package

The full package. We'll spend 6 illuminating months together and during that time we're going to dig deep. We'll start healing old wounds, breaking old patterns, and create space for more of what you want. We'll explore the different areas of your life and assess what isn't working or where you are being held back. We'll burn down some of the old structures and create a foundation for a life you love.

6 Months

12 Light Sessions

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    Bi-Weekly Calls
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    24-hour support via email/text
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Lightworkers are those who devotes their time and energy to being a beacon of light in the world. Looking to make it a better place. The light being synonymous of love, trust, faith, connection, compassion, etc. ACIM defines the light as the divine essence that is within us but not of us, it is what contributes to our shared humanity, and connects us to our brothers and sisters. I love both definitions because I consider them to be one and the same. When we allow our light to shine, when we embrace all of who we are, we allow others to recognize the light that is within them. Guiding them on their path. With social and political systems crumbling, we face injustice and separation based on race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. Everyday we fight for truth, for equality, for love, for animal welfare, for our planet, for the well-being of our brothers and sisters. We are the voices for those who have none. And so we’re more than lightworkers; we seek it, embody it, spread it, and fight for it. We are warriors. We are the Light Warriors.



I'm David, I'm a life coach, speaker, writer, #lightwarrior. Certified by institutions and schooled by life. Come on in, grab a seat, and let's get acquainted.