“Forgiveness is our natural state of being. Its our natural inclination.
Whenever we lean into our hearts we will be lead to forgiveness.
The more we practice forgiveness, the greater our capacity to experience joy will be."

David James Di Pardo - Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Light Warrior

The Heart of Forgiveness

The Heart of Forgiveness Workshop was given as part of the Heal Thyself Workshop Series from Get Into It Workshops.

In this one hour workshop we explored the methods through which we can forgive and extend loving-kindness not only to ourselves but others as well.

Each time we choose to forgive we are choosing to liberate ourselves from the burdens we carry and break the cycle, eliminating the need to repeat old patterns.

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Awakening The Light Warrior Within is a journey through marriage, infidelity, divorce, and starting over. Facing the darkness and choosing to step into the light. Discovering the purpose of forgiveness, how to practice compassion, the necessity of radical acceptance, and the distinction between self-care and self-love. Healing old wounds and releasing the past. 

Taking back our power requires that we first acknowledge and accept that we gave it away. Reclaiming our worth requires the deep knowing that our worth is inherent, and that you never walked a single step without it. 

Awakening to what was within us all along. Awakening the Light Warrior Within.

Want More Meditations?

The forgiveness mediation featured in this workshop if part of the digital meditation album that accompanies the book, Awakening The Light Warrior Within. In it you'll find compassion meditations, self-love meditations, breathing techniques to release anxiety and the crippling hold of the Ego along with so much more!


David James Di Pardo is a life coach, writer, and speaker with a foundation built upon holistic health, spiritual practice, lessons from A Course In Miracles, and nutrition. His work has helped individuals release their past and reclaim their inherent worth to step into the luminous possibilities for their future. His work can be found on Best Self Media, or at


I'm David, I'm a life coach, speaker, writer, #lightwarrior. Certified by institutions and schooled by life. Come on in, grab a seat, and let's get acquainted.